An Unrivalled Offering in Planetary and Other Servo Gearboxes

Apex Dynamics is proud to announce that we have maintained our production schedule and delivery time integrity during all the recent industrial lockdowns and supply chain issues which have occurred within the drives, controls and motors sectors. We offer an industry leading 3-week lead time on new orders, guaranteed delivery and 5 year warranty with ATEX certification as standard- all without sacrificing quality or service!

Delivery Integrity

Thanks to our state-of the art manufacturing facilities, we have been able produce at least 100,000 gearboxes per month. The company’s newest factory opened in 2022 and will allow us to produce an additional 100,000 units monthly when fully operational in early 2023

Because our manufacturing facilities are based outside of Europe we have no problems with importing into the UK and avoiding the Brexit -related import issues we know are still being experienced by some other suppliers, further impacting their delivery lead times.

New Products

Last year, Apex Dynamics expanded its product portfolio by introducing a new fully automatic and programmable lubrication system as well as rotary housing gearbox range designed for the AGV/AMR market. In addition we also have stainless steel line of planetary gearboxes that are perfect for application in food manufacturing and similar industries

Our latest gearbox ranges to be released are the Helical Bevel, Hypoid Bevel and Helical Worm gearboxes, along with their gearbox and motor combinations.

Superior Designs For High Performance

Our planetary gearboxes have a number of patented features which offer unique advantages for higher performance. For example, the single piece construction with bearing mounted sun gear is a huge advantage.

Easy to Move to Apex Dynamics?

We have the largest range of drop-in replacement gearboxes for other leading servo gearbox manufacturers and a mobile app which makes it very straightforward to generate our equivalent product code from the competitor model. Changing to Apex Dynamics to get the servo gearbox performance and delivery you need could not be easier. The converter app can be found in the iPhone app store or on Google Play with the title “Servo Gearbox Converter”.