AT-LM/RM-Series High Precision Spiral Bevel Gearboxes


The Apex AT-LM/RM series is a right angle spiral bevel gearbox with three shafts joined by three spiral bevel gears. Suitable for servo and power transmission/line shafting applications, the AT-LM/RM provides a single input, dual right angle ouput shafts with opposite rotation sense.

NEW! – Now available in Carbon Steel as ATB version!

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  • Output torque
    T2N : 12 Nm – 3,200 Nm
  • Ratios
    1-stage : 1
  • Low backlash
    1-stage : ≤6arcmin
  • high efficiency
    1-stage : ≧ 98%
  • Easy mount
  • Low Noise
  • Compact structure